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Honda of Cleveland Heights Finance Center in Cleveland Heights, OH

At Honda of Cleveland Heights, we provide competitive financing and leasing options on a wide selection of new Hondas and pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs. We'll find you the best deal that meets your needs. Our Finance Center experts and online information and tools will help you prepare for your next financed or leased vehicle. You can find details about budgeting your purchase, ensure your credit score accurately reflects your creditworthiness, value your trade, and explore our inventory online and in person.

The Honda finance experts at Honda of Cleveland Heights are here to make your buying or leasing experience as stress-free and straightforward as possible. Explore the valuable information on our finance page and contact us when you're ready to check out our inventory and financing options in person.

Learn About Purchase Options

Once you find the perfect new or pre-owned vehicle, the next step is to weigh your options for purchasing, whether it be financing or leasing. Both are great options depending on your budget, plans, and needs. Regardless of which path you take, we will help simplify this process and make it smooth and low stress. Our highly trained finance staff and digital tools will make wrapping up a Honda lease or loan a quick and painless process.

Honda Finance Versus Lease Deals

One of your first decisions will be whether to buy or lease. Both options have advantages. Leasing offers a lower payment, while purchasing offers more freedom through ownership. Financing is much more than just making a monthly payment for a set number of months. Leases provide lower payments but include restrictions like mileage limits. Purchasing costs more upfront with a higher down payment and higher monthly payments, but you have flexibility in loan length and can trade up or refinance at any time.

Check out the main characteristics of financing and leasing to see what works best for you.


• Higher payments and down payments provide the benefits of ownership and flexibility to keep, sell, modify, or trade-in at any time.
• There are no mileage limits, making purchasing a good fit for those who take long road trips or have longer commutes.
• Buyers of financed vehicles make their own decisions on upkeep and maintenance that aren't covered by a warranty.


• Leases are shorter-term agreements that end with the option to upgrade and access the latest technology.
• Down payments are lower and could be zero depending on special offers. Leaseholders have lower monthly payments and have tax savings as well.
• Leases limit mileage, so making sure the lease's terms work for your lifestyle is essential.
• Leaseholders need to follow dealer guidance on upkeep and maintenance, but warranties are in effect during the lease term.

Our Buy Here Pay Here Program

Honda of Cleveland Heights works with people who are facing credit issues. Our Buy Here Pay Here in-house financing program helps drivers with credit issues get on the road. We can provide financing even when other dealers or lenders haven't been able to help you.

Use our helpful prequalification form to get a head start on the financing process before visiting our Honda Finance Center.

We Have You Covered

We have you covered, whether you have perfect credit or credit difficulties or if you're planning to purchase or lease. Our finance experts will help you understand the options that work for your credit and budget. We will explore options, including Buy Here Pay Here and Honda financing and subprime options for those with credit difficulties.

Those with lower credit scores or little to no credit history may need to look into subprime financing. Lenders offer subprime loans with higher interest rates and possibly higher down payments. Subprime financing is usually easier to get for new or late-model pre-owned vehicles with under 100,000 miles since those vehicles hold their value and provide more collateral for the loan.

It's essential to know your credit score and if it needs improvement or any errors are causing it unnecessarily low. Credit scores range from 300 to 850, with scores around 550 to 650 often falling into subprime territory. Scores over 700 bring lower interest rates and more financing options.

Credit scores are based on several factors, including payment history, percentage of available credit used, and length of credit history. As a general guideline, debt payments should be less than 50% of your income, with auto expenses like payments and insurance taking up less than 20%.

When exploring finance and lease options, think about your plans. Do you plan to keep the vehicle after you've paid off the loan, or do you plan to trade-in or refinance in the next couple of years? Regardless of your plans, keeping your credit in good shape will save you money. In addition to maintaining all accounts current, you can take proactive steps to correct credit report errors.

Explore our online tools:

• Check out our New Vehicle Specials to see our ever-changing inventory.
• Spot hard-to-find deals on our Pre-Owned Vehicle Specials page.
• Search all pre-owned vehicles on our Used Cars page.
• Search all new vehicles on our New Honda page.
• Find out how much your existing vehicle is worth on the Value Your Trade page.
• Explore our Payment Calculator by inputting vehicle price, interest rate, loan term, down payment, and trade-in value.

Learn More About Auto Financing

A lot of different factors affect auto financing. Check out our comprehensive Auto Financing Guide for answers to questions for your unique situation. This guide details subjects like determining the car payment, the loan amount you can afford, target buying price, and additional expenses like maintenance. You'll also find details about how trade-ins work, sales tax, interest rates, loan lengths, and shopping for the best deal.

Contact Us

When you're ready to explore financing and leasing options, as well as shop for the perfect vehicle, contact us at any time. You can reach us at 216-532-1456 via our secure online messaging system or stop by the dealership at 2953 Mayfield Road in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. A member of the Honda of Cleveland Heights team would be happy to answer any questions you may have, give you a tour of the showroom, or get you set up for a test drive, and then go over financing options with you.



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